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STEP Market Committee

Members & Minutes

STEP Market Committee members are persons of recognised standing and professional experience in the functioning of the European markets for short-term securities. They bring expertise from all the actors (investors, issuers, dealers, arrangers) of the largest European markets for Short-Term paper. They (a) monitor market developments, (b) establish and review the standards on which the STEP label based, and (c) provide guidance on the appropriate and consistent interpretation of the STEP Market Convention.

Members - mandate January 2021- December 2022

12 voting members, including issuers, investors and dealers plus the ECB as non-voting member and Banque de France as observer.

Jean-Louis SCHIRMANN- EMMI (Chairman) Carlos MUÑIZ MORELL- Santander 
Philippe BILLOT - Pictet Gestion Harald ENDRES - Bayerische Landesbank
Marnix BRUNING - ING Patrick SIMÉON - Amundi Investment
Jean-Luc SINNIGER - Citi Gianfranco MARIN - Intesa Sanpaolo
Franck HEBEISEN - Independent Expert Tim O’CONNELL - European Investment Bank
Dennis GEPP - Federated Investors Richard CORDERO - European Association of Corporate Treasurers



31st Meeting - 13th November 2020

30th Meeting - 30th June 2020

29th Meeting - 3rd December 2019

28th Meeting - 14th June 2019

27th Meeting - 11th December 2018

26th Meeting - 5th June 2018

25th Meeting - 16th November 2017

24th Meeting - 6th June 2017

23rd Meeting - 13th December 2016

22nd Meeting – 29th June 2016

21st Meeting – 25th January 2016

20th Meeting – 19th May 2015

19th Meeting - 27th October 2014 

18th Meeting - 28th February 2014

17th Meeting - 18th September 2013

16th Meeting - 5th November 2012

15th Meeting - 3rd May 2012

14th Meeting - 10th November 2011

13th Meeting - 26th May 2011

12th Meeting - 25th November 2010

11th Meeting - 6th May 2010

10th Meeting - 15th December 2009

9th Meeting - 15th July 2009 

8th Meeting - 10th July 2008

7th Meeting - 30th April 2008

6th Meeting - 12th December 2007

5th meeting - 4th October 2007

4th meeting - 24th April 2007

3rd meeting - 1st February 2007

2nd meeting -14th December 2006

1st meeting - 26th September 2006

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