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Thursday 05, January 2017
In order to be compliant with new web security standards EMMI and STEP websites are now in HTTPS protocol.
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Thursday 22, September 2016
A new label has been granted:
Ecolab Euro-commercial paper programme – STEP ID 0002925

Information Corner


Why endorse the STEP label?

  • Transparency, frequency of update and user friendly documentation via a standard presentation designed by banking issuers 
  • CP with STEP label is eligible as money market instrument 
  • All information of all issuers are available via the STEP web page - Access to the webpage is anonymous, free of access and all the process is monitored by the STEP Market Secretariat with the logistical support of ECB for data collection and computations 
  • Statistics on the STEP market provide a unique feature to gauge their credit exposure toward a programme, whatever the programme type is
  • Promotion of short term European market in Europe through a convergence of existing markets 
  • Commitments are followed by the STEP Secretariat which monitors the granting of the label 

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