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Jan 5, 2017
In order to be compliant with new web security standards EMMI and STEP websites are now in HTTPS protocol.
Should you have any issue accessing the sites or the data please do not hesitate to contact us

Jan 4, 2017
A new label has been granted:
Johnson Controls International plc euro-commercial paper prorgamme – STEP ID 0002940

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Who is behind STEP?

The STEP Secretariat is managed by EMMI.
European Money Markets Institute (EMMI) is an international non-profit making association under Belgian law founded in 1999 with the launch of the Euro and based in Brussels (56, Ave des Arts, 1000 Brussels). Its members are national banking associations in the Member States of the European Union which are involved in the Eurozone and the Euro-system.


Governance Structure

EMMI Board of Directors

EMMI General Assembly


List of members available here.


The General Assembly is composed of the members countries of EMMI and is competent for the following matters, in particular:
  • amendments to the association’s Statutes;
  • the appointment and dismissal of directors, as well as their discharge;
  • the approval of the budget and annual accounts;
  • the voluntary dissolution of the association;
  • the acceptance and exclusion of members;
  • the appointment and dismissal of members of the Steering Committees;
  • the determination of the association’s strategy and approval of its medium-term objectives.

The Assembly is presided over by the Chairperson of the Board of Directors.

EMMI Secretary General
Guido Ravoet

STEP Market Committee


STEP Market Committee members are persons of recognised standing and professional experience in the functioning of the European markets for short-term securities. They represent all the intermediaries (investors, issuers, dealers, arrangers) of the largest European markets for Short-Term paper. They (a) monitor market developments, (b) establish and review the standards on which the STEP label based, and (c) provide guidance on the appropriate and consistent interpretation of the STEP Market Convention.

View the members of the STEP Market Committee here.

Access all the minutes of the STEP Market Committee here.



The STEP Secretariat is responsible for granting, withholding or withdrawing and the day-to-day management of the STEP label at its own discretion in accordance with the criteria and requirements laid down in the STEP Market Convention. It also administers the STEP website and provides certain data to the ECB and the eligible data providers to produce STEP statistics. Finally, it acts as a promoter of the STEP label and advisor to the STEP Market Committee.

Our contact details are available here.

STEP takes reasonable measures to ensure the quality and accuracy of the information on this Website. However, STEP cannot be held liable in any way for the inaccuracy or incompleteness of any information that is available on or through this Website. In addition, none of the Parties can in any way be held liable or responsible for the content of any Website linked to this Website.