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When applying for a programme that is not STEP labelled yet, issuers are required to pay a flat contribution of EUR 2000 in order to cover administrative costs.

A label maintenance contribution of EUR 3000 will be required annually for the programme maintenance, covering the period from January to December of each year (payable annually in January). This contribution is prorated based on the date of the label approval.

E.g.: a new programme approved on 1 July 2017. Contribution in 2017: (2000 + 3000 * (6/12 months) = EUR 3500 (invoiced on 1 July 2017) Subsequent years: EUR 3000 (invoiced in January)

No refunds are possible for withdrawals before the year end.


Jan 5, 2017
In order to be compliant with new web security standards EMMI and STEP websites are now in HTTPS protocol.
Should you have any issue accessing the sites or the data please do not hesitate to contact us

Jan 4, 2017
A new label has been granted:
Johnson Controls International plc euro-commercial paper prorgamme – STEP ID 0002940

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