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Nov 20, 2012
Newly designed STEP Directory:
Direct access to STEP documents as of 1 December 2012. Further information is available here.

Sep 4, 2012
Euribor-EBF and the STEP Secretariat moved to new offices on 1 September 2012.
The new premises are located at 56, Avenue des Arts, 1000 Brussels.

Jul 12, 2011
6th Annual European Money Fund Forum – London, 12-13 July 2011
Hear from IMMFA, EFAMA and Euribor EBF, as well as the main Money Market Funds, Administrators & ECP Dealers.
The presentation made at the forum by Gaëlle Marques dos Santos, Euribor-EBF Adviser, is now available.

Oct 4, 2007
Conference on Short Term European Paper (STEP) - Programme
organised by Association of Corporate Treasurers in Belgium (ATEB), European Central Bank (ECB), the Financial Markets Association (ACI) of Belgium.
Available presentations:
Guido Ravoet, STEP Market Committee Chairman- Introduction
Franck Hebeisen, Head of Short Term Paper Desk, Société Générale, France and STEP Committee member
Marco Lagana, Directorate General Market Operation, European Central Bank, Frankfurt and STEP Committee member
Holger Neuhaus, Directorate General Statistics, European Central Bank, Frankfurt: Developing STEP statistics and STEP Committee member

May 15, 2007
STEP: A milestone in the short term european paper market - update
by Mr Michael Schneider (DZBank)

Apr 24, 2007
STEP Statistics - Results and prospects
4th Meeting of the STEP Market Committee (Brussels) - Presentation of Mr Holger Neuhaus (ECB)

Apr 20, 2007
STEP: the emergence of a new market" -Liquidity 2007
organised by e-MID and ATIC FOREX - ACI International (20 April 2007, Taormina, Italy) - by Mr Marco Lagana (ECB)

Mar 13, 2007
Il mercato Europeo dei titoli STEP
"Parliament Commission hearing" - by Mr Marco Malavasi (Secretary General ATIC FOREX) [Italian language] - Roma (IT)

Press & Publications

Nov 14, 2013
ECB presentation on STEP statistic developments and prospects available here

Nov 14, 2012
Letter to the Market Participants
Click here to read the letter.

Feb 12, 2013
STEP Contributions 2013
Following the ongoing development of the STEP market & the consequent increase in IT & human cost at the STEP Secretariat level, the 2013 STEP maintenance contributions have been raised to 3000,-/year. Click here for further information.

Jan 11, 2013
Euribor-EBF supports EBA/ESMA Recommendations
On the future of Euribor. Press release to download here.

Nov 5, 2012
ECB measures to preserve collateral availability
On 6 September the Governing Council of the European Central Bank (ECB) decided on additional measures to preserve collateral availability. More information here.

Feb 6, 2012
Developments in the STEP market
By the ECB Statistics Team. Published in Euribor-EBF Newsletter N°2 - February 2012

Feb 6, 2012
Discover the latest Euribor-EBF Newsletter
Euribor-EBF Newsletter N°2 - February 2012

Oct 4, 2011
STEP papers ECB eligible again in 2012 for MFIs
Euribor-EBF Chief Executive welcomes ECB’s decision.

Jul 12, 2011
Understanding the STEP Initiative
By Gaëlle Marques dos Santos, Euribor-EBF Adviser, at the 6th Annual European Money Fund Forum – London, 12-13 July 2011.

Feb 2, 2011
Detailed Statistics on STEP: A contribution to transparency in this market segment
By the ECB Statistics Team. Published in Euribor-EBF Newsletter N°1 - February 2011

Feb 7, 2011
The Short-Term European Paper Programme: A Step towards further transparency and integration
Published in Euribor-EBF Newsletter N° 1 – February 2011

Oct 25, 2010
ECB, ACI and Euribor-EBF launch new STEP Market Convention
by Euribor-EBF

Nov 5, 2008
European banks welcome ECB move to further integrate STEP market
by European Banking Federation (EBF)

Apr 12, 2006
STEP Initiative is on track
ACI/FBE Joint Press Release

Jun 15, 2006
STEP Market Convention approved Issuers can apply to a STEP Label
ACI/EBF Joint Press Release

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